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How To Measure Head Size

  • Circumference
Start with the circumference. This measures the distance around your hairline. Using a fabric tape measure, start at the front center of your hairline, bring the tape around to your nape, and back up to your hairline. Mark where the tape ends.

  • Ear to Ear
Lay the end of the tape just above your ear. Bring the tape across the top of your head to meet the other ear, without touching the ear, at the same point.

  • Forehead to Nape
Start the tape from the center of the front of your hairline, to the hairline at the nape of the neck. If you have little or no hair, lay your index, third, and ring finger flat against your forehead just about at the brow bone. At the top of the three fingers would be a good straight point. Measure until about an inch below the small bone at the bottom of the skull.